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I don’t want you to have just a wish for the New Year, or an "I'd like to... but" I want you to have a concrete plan with a BRANDED BUSINESS, with YOU as the CEO. Let's get actionable steps to reverse engineer your goals and build MORE profits, MORE leads and MORE abundance. Build your OWN online brand in 2020. 

  • Are you ready to stop chasing ideas? #haltthehustle
  • Are you ready to build limitless leads from commited clients and referrals? #quitthechaos
  • Are you ready to retain more clients and cash? #nomoreonenightstands

Hey there, Superstar. 

Tiffany Noel Taylor here. It's TNT for short if you are new to our Divalution Nation. 

I'm so glad you are here. 

You being here tells me that you are serious about jumpstarting your OWN business in the next 30/60/90 days.  

You are an AMAZING entrepreneur with GREAT business ideas. A zillion ideas, actually.

You're multi-passionate and wildly creative.


You have KILLER ideas, but you don't know what you are doing with them.

You've binged every free YouTube video for online business until your eyes bled.

You are not making enough profit to justify calling this batch of ideas a business.

You've run into big problems when it comes to implementation. 

When you HAVE put SOMETHING out, people rarely SEE what you have to offer.

When you DO get a client, you have no follow up process to keep the connection going. 

You don't have a nurture sequence to carry a prospect from casual viewer to an ultra fan!

You want more consistent income. 

Nobody really grabbed your last offer... 

Maybe you should sell another product? 

Join another affiliate program? 

Sign up for another ground floor opportunity?

You want four, five, even six figure cash flow, but you keep hearing yourself say "well... there's always next year." Something like, "When I get my poop in a group - THEN I will do it." Sound familiar? 

BUT CASH?! You need a side hustle that makes bank. 

This is exactly how I felt while I was working for a non-profit years ago (PS: the more you get to know me, the more you’ll realize I am a SERIOUS serial entrepreneur.)  

It was 2008, I was doing what I loved, helping families in need, and generating hundreds of thousands of dollars for the company in grant money.  

Did you know most Americans are less than 2 missed paychecks away from being homeless? 

Then the economy crashed and I went without a paycheck for over 6 months. My house was in foreclosure, our credit cards were maxed out, and I had to come up with a MONEY MAKING plan NOW! 

And instead of trying to become an employee, I embraced SELLING. Selling on social media specifically. I set up my Facebook profile and gmail account, and put my products out into the world.

I discovered the power of Social Selling online. 

This required me to BRAND MYSELF and create a VISION to be the CEO.

Then I #gotsocial.  

Which is exactly what I’m going to show you in this exclusive weekend workshop.

Introducing... Bring Your Own Goals

Your 2020 Online Success Summit

This jumpstart is like the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. Delicious, bitesize, easy to follow, and even easier to take with you.

It’s a mixture of Technology Tutorials you can implement NOW as well as Vision Casting to get your brain in the game and your attitude adjusted for the next 12 months.

No one ever thinks that their attitude sucks. 

We actually get people all the time who tell us, "Oh, I don't need mindset training so your program won't work for me." 

OMG… the second you say "I don't need that," is exactly the time you DO need it. 

As our dear friend and mentor in our Success Squad Erica Reitman always says, "Your Brain is a Dick." 

It's always playing tricks on you - mine too. It is why I have a coach. I coach many of you and I still have a coach for myself, who can move ME into GOAL GETTING. 

This is a process. 

Most people overestimate what they can do in ONE year and underestimate what they can do in 10 years. 

Which is why I’ve curated this Success Summit. 

I want you to get realistic about what it takes and how long it will take YOU to build your business. My clients and students discover that they can have 4 day work weeks and manifest six figures from their sales.  

I have done Jumpstarts in the past - but never like this. For 2020 I’m bringing the Squad and we are going to knock your socks off, Dollbaby! 

  What will be covered during this Summit?

I have specifically curated this outline so we can accomplish 4 very specific things during this Success Summit:  

#1: Build out your SINGULAR BADASS IDEA into a BRAND with dedicated Social Selling channels and platforms.

#2: Unlock the secrets of how to create limitless leads online. 

#3: Discover how to nurture your audience with the behind the scenes tech so people come back to you and want to buy from you again and again. 

#4: Have the year of your dreams working less, but making more money, with an unstoppable Vision.  

So here’s what you’ll get:  

#1: Exclusive access to a 12 full hours of training from Tiffany and the Success Squad.  

#2: Follow along custom BYOG GOAL GETTING workbook.  

#3: Dedicated time for implementation and action steps that will have your Social Selling System setup by the end of the weekend.

#4: Pop Up Facebook Group with the Success Squad Mentors - you can ask them questions and use their collective brains and brillance!  

We'll include session topics like:  

...TNT's Social Selling System

...Platforms for your Business

...To blog or not to blog?

...Vision Board building

...How to PROSPECT online

...Mindset Reset

...Email marketing that works FOR you

...Group Hypotherapy Session

...Radical Instagram growth 

...And tons of tips and tricks you can steal RIGHT NOW to grow your online sales and create CASH FLOW!  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different than BYOB? BYOB is our yearlong mentorship program where yes, we bring in the Success Squad but it is a completely holistic approach to Business Strategy. This 2 day workshop will specifically be about getting leads online and cultivating those ongoing relationships. 

Do I get this if I'm a part of BYOB? This 2 day workshop is NOT a part of the basic BYOB Membership, but it IS included in our VIP Mentorship program. If you would like to upgrade, please contact us at 

What if I can't show up live for the whole two days? There will be a replay available for purchase. Please select that option when you register. 

What if I don't want to get leads online? Then this workshop won't be a good fit for you. We will be taking you through the process of getting leads online organically (not using ads) and talking about best practices for turning those people into paying clients. 

What if I wholesale someone elses product? Not a problem! You just have to want to build a business and create online relationships. We are happy to have you if you sell your own handmade products, have online digital products/courses/services, or wholesale for another company.  

So, Here's the Deal:

Register Now

What if you didn’t have to hustle harder to make sales and meet clients? 

What if NOT DIYing everything actually SAVED you time?

What if you had harmony in your schedule and still made money?  

Would it be worth ONE weekend of your life?

Did someone say bonuses?

Not only will you get 12 hours of teaching, coaching, and training from TNT and her Squad, but you will ALSO get instant access to these Mini-Courses:

Radical Business Math: Over 2,000 alumni have been through our busines assessment $257 Value  

60 Minutes to Facebook to Success: Setting up your FB Group $197 Value 

Your Mess is Your Message: Using your own Stories to Sell $127 Value 

Not To Mention...

Have a question? Please email us at and someone from our team will get back to you ASAP :)